What is Anarchy?

A state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems in other words a country, state, city, etc. being leaderless without a government, religion, currency, medical help, food, etc.

Anarchy is:

  • Abolition of monarchies and all ordered governments
  • Abolition of private property and inheritances
  • Abolition of patriotism and nationalism
  • Abolition of family life and the institution of marriage & establishment of communal education for children
  • Abolition of all religion

Anarchy becomes a new social order which is alien to us here in the UK. I heard the other day how we as a society have created our own prison and we are our own prison guards. We like social order no matter what the cost to our own common sense and humanity.  With Anarchy there are no rules it’s survival of the fittest.

Anarchy brings about significant change in people, they become panicked, heightened need to protect ones self and very selfish, we see signs of it around us today. For example, if we get a warning that petrol is running out we run to the petrol station and fill up without a second thought for anyone else until it has all ran out regardless as to whether or not we actually need the petrol.  Some even fill up canisters etc.

fuel shortage anarchy

If there is a problem with the water supply we run to the supermarket and buy all the bottled water leaving none on the shelf. It’s a natural instinct to survive.

water shortage anarchy

With survival comes violence, an example would be Black Friday when people go crazy over the sales and violence erupts. For some reason its our natural instinct to destroy and attack, especially the alpha males and females will pray on the weaker ones.

Black friday anarchy

Now those that are weak will look for a leader, they will look for an alpha male or female to protect them from other alphas. Groups start to form and when supply’s run out they will turn on each other. Especially if they are in near vicinity to each other.  Many class the military as alphas and depending on who is in charge will bring about a militia.  In other countries in most cases they have been worse than the goverment we have today.


We all have a human need for food, water, shelter and security no matter the cost we will do what is necessary to provide them for ourselves and our loved ones.

In the event of Anarchy learn how would you survive as any disaster can cause Anarchy.

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